3 things that can land you in the doctors office

There was a time in my family when my kids were SICK a lot!
It was an extremely difficult time that not only affected us physically but mentally as well.

Increased doctor visits, missed school, and other activities kept me down and totally on edge. 
        I felt like I was always waiting for the next shoe to drop.

Do you know that feeling of living paycheck to paycheck???
 Well…I was living illness to illness.

A trip to the doctor’s office, then the emergency room would be interrupted by a trip to find and research some new medication, and the store to acquire said medication.

It was beyond exhausting and I don’t wish this on anyone!

In the middle of all this CHAOS, I decided to research more and research differently.

Changing my mind about our sick-care system opened new doors and new ways to deal with this 'illness to illness' trap I was in.

By then, I was convinced that the doctors really didn’t want my family healthy
        We did EVERYTHING they said but we were still back every couple of months with the 
        same or similar issue! 

More on that later OR we’ll never get to the 3 things!

3 things that would land us in the doctor’s office?

  1. Emotional stressors - I can just start thinking about something and get a stomach ache!
  2. Physical stressors ⁃ One time we were moving, and about three days before the move actually occurred one of my kids was sick.  NOW…..I’m not surprised by this…..
  3. Chemical Stressors - Even though this one probably did the most damage, it was the easiest to fix. 
Did you know that the chemical burden 
on your body reduces your immune system 
and horribly affects your lungs?

More details about these stressors coming in part 2….

BUT did I tell you that I started researching? We now have the modern-day convenience of 
‘google’-ing anything and everything! I was looking for any advice to stay IN our activities and 
OUT of the doctor’s office.

And what’s funny?  
(Well not really!)  

This short film that I watched yesterday explains it all! 
I happened across this documentary, ‘Heal’, and was instantly intrigued by the title! 
        I  wish it had been around many years ago! 

I could have cut YEARS off the learning!

Experts talk about the different stressors, the effects of the stress, and what they did to combat their dis-ease.  If you don’t believe your body is under attack right now….think again!!!

More next time…..check out this 
amazing documentary first! 
It’s really eye-opening!!!  One of the best I’ve seen!

BTW – The information contained in this blog/website is not meant to diagnose, treat, 
cure or prevent any disease. The information represents what I have chosen to do 
to take charge of my own personal health and that of my family.

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