What does your BODY LANGUAGE say about you?

What does your BODY LANGUAGE  say about you?

There was a time in my life that I just would not make myself large and in charge. I was afraid of the repercussions so I stayed small and hidden and really felt that I had nothing to offer the world.

With NO voice and NO value, my purpose in life was almost nil and I felt so useless!
It was hard to develop friendships and I had to not allow the secrets of my life to be revealed.
I was pretty miserable.

What if you changed one thing about how you were standing and how you presented yourself?
Do you think that would change the outcome of your life or shape who you are?
Science shows that our body language can actually raise or lower hormones; like testosterone and cortisol.
These hormones are responsible for many things in our body! The cortisol plays into our fight or flight responses and how triggered we get under stress. Our testosterone is that feel good and in control hormone!

I have been learning how to use body posture to affirm goals that clients desire to have in their lives! As I watched this video by Amy Cuddy, it reminded me how these poses actually give people a perception about us.

I got to thinking, how many times do I put my hands at my neck?
How many times do I close myself off to make myself smaller and more invisible?
I know….there are times for that....
But in the past, I literally stayed in that closed-off invisible posture and I’m so thankful I learned to become different.

If you need to change your body language to then find your voice.

DO It!
If you need a ta-da moment to boost your confidence (and testosterone) and add value to your day.

Do IT!

Watch this video and then share if you can do something that can create a different outcome in your life!

I know you can!

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