Quarantine Day???  Grateful for the Small Stuff!
Quarantine day ?????  🙄

I have started being more grateful for the small stuff! 

10 years ago I made a decision for my family to help us be more mentally stable in our home and dealing with the everyday stresses of life! 

I knew there had to be something better....

10 years of learning how to clean up our environment, eat healthier, communicate and deal with each other on a deeper level has been worth every penny and minute spent! 

I’m grateful that we found a freedom from the toxic thoughts and words that we were aiming at each other!

I am grateful that we found a freedom from the toxic products we were putting on our skin and breathing in! 

I am thankful that these two humans that I’ve been responsible to raise have grown up with a more natural approach when they get a boo-boo or are feeling down!  

Life is not perfect. But when we strive to have a healthier outlook on this crazy world we’re living in... life can improve and there is hope!!!  

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