Food and Environmental Sensitivities

Food and Environmental Sensitivities

Almost everyone at some time has had a sensitivity to a food or outside annoyance.  For me, word has it I was 'allergic' to oranges and chocolate as a child.  Fast forward  and I am 'allergic' to shrimp.  

The indicator?  A terrible rash on my chest.  What is also interesting?  I felt bronchitis coming on.  Which I had full-blown had the 2 or 3 previous years.  I was determined to not go that same route.  Found something new and was done in a day.  But now it makes me wonder if the bronchitis was really related to the food allergy? 

I divert....
Last year I came across a way to test 'sensitivities' and decided to check it out!  The test was relatively cheap and I thought, "what's to lose but a little hair?"

This really opened my eyes!!! Some foods that I have NEVER LIKED showed up as a "High Reactivity".  Very interesting!?!  I'll not bore you with my results but just wanted to share that if you are looking for some answers 'for your gut' or 'for your skin' and want to save some $$, this might be for you!  

Happy Gut Day! 

**I got mine here.....I'm sure there are more to choose from. 

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