When It's Not Good to Have a Double!

MTHFR Mutations and Associated Conditions

I found out about four years ago that my kids have a double copy of this! There were some major clues but there was also a lot of history on both sides of the family.
But.....THIS is why I do what I do!  Being proactive in keeping my kids well has motivated me to do alot of research and trying new things.  
Dr. Ben Lynch is one of the leading experts on this gene mutation. His article with associated conditions is interesting to peruse. I highly recommend his book!  Dirty Genes  ...... Just the title makes you think, right?  You can check it out here.  

If you go further down, you will see his original list of medical conditions relating to the MTHFR Gene Mutation is tiny compared to the updated one.  Here's the article!

This is NOT to scare you!  But to make you realize that we don't have to just accept the genetic/sick status quo. There are ways to tackle this and I am here to help you!   

Just curious, have you ever heard of MTHFR before?

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