What do we need for 2021?
 2020 has been a pretty rough year. 

 If you took a poll today you will find that people are happy for this year to be done and are looking forward to fresh new start for 2021.
 What do we need for that fresh new start? We need HOPE!
 Lately, HOPE for the future is lacking most days. But we need to remember that this Issue we are dealing with is temporary! This WILL pass!
 We need a kind of hope that can have only positive expectations. We need hope that allows us to think positive when opportunity comes. If we hold on and remember that this pain will end...we can better help others and allow them to have hope too!
 None of us are meant to be here alone. Once I finally found my purpose in life, I realized that I need to help people everyday. Sometimes just hearing other people’s experiences can give hope!
 Hope is typically thought of as a noun, but what if you thought of it as a verb? What if you looked for opportunities that could help heal someone and empower them? What if you helped others pursue excellence and made an impact in this world?
 What can you do TODAY that can spread and encourage hope?
 Make this a game....a challenge.  Make it contagious...like a smile!


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