How to enjoy organizing when it doesn't come naturally

Organizing  has become one of my favorite hobbies!

It does not come naturally for me 

          but I have been doing this for over a year 

                    AND I can definitely see the benefits. 

I’ve learned that…

  • Keeping less stuff means... less left laying around and less stress 
  • Being selective of extra items coming into the house means... more satisfaction in the things I do have and less impulsive buying
  • Giving everything a dedicated space means.... less experiences of chaotic searching and time wasted


Organizing this shelf has me feeling happy!

BTW...I got the shelf here if you are wanting to see what it can do!  

I know it sounds silly but....every morning I enter this room gives me a slow-down mindset because I am using my time wiser and I know I can find everything I need quickly.   

Think about it...

    ~Everything has a home.... Less chaos

    ~Everything is in reach when I’m getting ready.... Save time 


There is a reason (even though I may not have seen it in the beginning).

This hobby has given me more peace and a calmer mind to use for more important thoughts.


If I can just breathe and love myself through the process even when it gets hard….

I can accomplish this task that I am not really gifted at.  

Wouldn’t you like more calm and peace as you walk through life?  

Wouldn’t it help you in your relationships if your stress level was lower?  

We tend to not think about the little things when life gets crazy....  

But these little things can improve our day and literally help us sleep better at night! 

Many of you have great organizing tips!!!  

     I would love to hear what you organized to change your day!

          Please share here!   

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