When I say or hear the word SPRING so many things come to mind!
          Spring into action! Just do it! Go! 
          Spring Season - as everything is growing into new life!
          Spring forward - as in get a jumpstart on something or improve your life in some way!
          Spring….as in a “Slinky”!  Who remembers those and sending them down the stairs?
And many more ways you can think of things associated with the word SPRING. 
Did you notice that all of these have something in common?
  • -They all describe LIFE and are moving in some direction.
    -They all play (or should play) a major role in our day to day existence. 

I think the one that plays the most is the example of the spring season!

We can have a spring season no matter what time of the year it is!
Spring is the time for starting with a small, tiny seed which grows into a seedling and then something huge and beautiful!
     +This seed could be an idea that you want to cultivate and develop.
     +This seed could be a physical plant or tree.
     +This seed could be a goal (maybe you want to go to college or open your own business) that you have wanted to begin and just haven’t....YET!
 As the earth around us is warming up, growing and bringing new life....take this time and put into action those ideas and goals you have been dreaming of and spring forward to do those things you are called to DO!  

We all have our place in this world and if you have just been sitting and not growing…..it’s time!  We know there is a season and a time for everything according to Solomon.  

If you have a seedling that you have not been watering and getting out into the sun…..just do it!  

I would love to hear what are you needing to do this Spring?  

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