Our goal in leading this best life is to get to the root of the issue! 

We can focus on symptoms, we can focus on the ground level but if we don’t ever get to the root of the issue we’re backpedaling and not really getting anywhere!

We tried to treat symptom issues for years. I will tell you it doesn’t work!  

So dig in for the long-haul. It could take a day a month a year. 
What if it took two years? I can tell you it would be worth it! 
  • Work, 
  • watch and 
  • wait for it!  
I think it took us about a year to get to the root of my son’s issues! I can tell you....
  • every step was worth it 
  • every step brought a renewed hope
  • every step brought him closer to a new level of wellness!  
This is why I say 'I think'....
It took about a year for me to finally stop and look back and see that he had been well for a year. He made a trip to Arizona, trips are stressors for him.  He was painting, working hard, hiking and the only thing the trip director said was that he had a nose bleed everyday.  That’s OK! I’ll take a nosebleed.  It was a very dry environment and both my kids used to be prone to nosebleeds.  

But realizing he didn’t come back with an infection, needing to go to the doctor, needing medication, that’s when it finally hit me!  I know....I’m a bad mom!   🤣🤣

I thought back over the prior year and realized he had not been sick in a year! 
So honestly I can’t tell you if it took a month or year or a few days but to see him live the life he has now. 
It’s priceless!  

He now knows his triggers and how to combat those to keep him on the wellness side!  
It’s really simple!

Get to the root!  Whatever it takes!  

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